Why Lehuula Farms?

Many years ago, local Hawaiians farmed the rich porous soils of Lehuula Farms. This is evident by the distinctive rock rows strategically placed all through the farm. Coffee was originally planted here in the early 1900's and was the prominent crop until the farm was abandoned in the 1950's. Efforts to clear and rejuvenate the property began in the early 1980's. We purchased the farm in 1986 and have been actively involved in the coffee industry since.

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Many of our more than 4,000 coffee trees are grown under natural shade, from our mac nut trees. A unique pruning method of stumping every third row of trees is used extensively throughout the farm.

Hard work and diligence paid off in 1999 when the Kona Soil and Water Conservation District gave us the prestigious award of Cooperator of the Year. Many have called Lehuula Farms a show case farm, we suggest you stop by and look for yourself, either here online, or in person when you are in Hawaii.

Many of our Kona Typicia trees are 90 or more years old; like grapes, older coffee plants produce a bean of exceptional taste. To the true lover of specialty coffee this unique rich flavor is unsurpassed.

Proper pruning not only plays an important role in plant health but in product quality as well. We on Lehuula Farms use a unique pruning system where we clear-cut every third row thus allowing the plant maximum sunlight so it can produce vigorous growth and large high quality beans. This system, developed by the Agricultural Extension Service in the 1950's, is slowly becoming popular as farmers see as well as taste the difference.

With little or no exception, Kona Coffees are processed using the wet method of processing as it yields coffee of better quality. This process however can be very labor intensive and use large amounts of water. Here on Lehuula Farms, we use the most advanced and ecological friendly method of processing coffee available. Our pulping system not only uses a fraction of the water needed by conventional machines to remove the mucilage; but, the thick leathery pulp that covers the bean is returned to the soil.

Other fun farm facts:

A federal weather station is located here. Rainfall information for our farm can be found at: http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/nwcc/site?sitenum=2096&state=hi

We host workshops for both of the Kona coffee trade associations. So far this year we've hosted:
• Pruning and Shoot Selection for members of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association
• Coffee Drying Demonstration for students of Harvey Mudd College
• Small Farm Mechanization workshop for members of the Kona Coffee Council

We offer complete farm management services for other small farmers, along with pulping, drying, custom roasting and packaging, and shipping services.

We are one of the few farms approved by HOFA for processing organic coffee due to our diligent cleaning methods and farm practices.

We grow our own new coffee trees right from the beans on our farm. Beans are planted in test tubes and placed in our homemade mini greenhouse. The plants are then moved to larger containers, until they grow big enough to earn their place in the field.

• Kona Coffee Council
• Kona Coffee Farmers Assoc

Here is what others have to say about our coffee:

"I can honestly say that this is the best cup of coffee I have had in years. I also think that the Lehuula Farms beans make a mild, flavorful cup of coffee. Frankly, I just never get tired of the taste and still look forward to my first cup every single morning."
Dottye Holt
Henrriquez Dallas, Texas

"Visitors to the Nome Nugget newspaper can wake up and smell the coffee---The aroma of Bob Nelson's (Lehuula Farms) Kona brewing in the kitchen and served in a china mug. It's unique and makes our office a special place."
Nancy McGuire, Owner/Editor the Nome Nugget
Nome, Alaska

"I met Bob (Lehuula Farms) about three years ago. I have not had any coffee other than 100% pure Kona coffee from Lehuula farms in those three years. It is a rough situation, once you have had the best you just can't go back to a store bought brand. I built custom motorcycle and I compare this to the best chopper ever made."
Eric Willis, Willis' Customs
Tucson, Arizona

Lehuula Farms Named 2010 Gevalia Kona Classic Cupping Competition Finalist!

Lehuula Farms Named 2008 Gevalia Kona Classic Cupping Competition Finalist!

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